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April 1, 2021

Renowned expertise that closes the cancer knowledge gap

In Cancer Treatment

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The field of cancer is changing quickly and becoming more complex. In fact, it only takes 73 days for medical knowledge to double,1 and 76% of U.S. oncology practices employ only one to five oncologists.2

The widening cancer knowledge gap

Oncologists can’t always rely on clinical practice guidelines to learn the latest in cancer care, since they reflect acceptable care, not necessarily optimal care. For chronic conditions, the gap between acceptable and optimal care may be narrowing—but for cancer, the gap may be widening due to the rapid pace of research and discovery. With this acceleration, it can also be hard for patients to access new diagnostics, treatments, and clinical trials.3  

Access to specialty oncology experts to close the gap

AccessHope connects employees with cancer and their local oncologists to leading experts from renowned cancer institutes with knowledge of the latest diagnostic, treatment, and trial options. By bringing this information from an oncology expert who specializes in their type of cancer across geographic barriers, AccessHope is closing the cancer knowledge gap to improve outcomes while lowering costs for more people throughout the country.

AccessHope’s services

Our suite of services—including Cancer Support Team and Expert Advisory Review, Expert Evaluation, and Accountable Precision Oncology—connects your employees to expertise that closes the cancer knowledge gap through a health benefit they really do benefit from.

With AccessHope, employees can:

  • Connect with experts from National Cancer Institute–Designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers who know of the newest personalized treatments, such as clinical trials or breakthrough medications, and genetic/genomic testing and targeted therapies.
  • Stay close to home with their local support system of family and friends while their physician continues to oversee their treatment plan.
  • Get on the right course of treatment early on, which is usually their best chance of a cure.
  • Receive proactive, timely, and seamless access to the expertise of multidisciplinary specialists for optimal care.
  • Benefit from a NCI subspecialist collaborating directly with their local oncologist.
  • Access experienced oncology nurses for appointment details, treatment information, or even emotional support—wherever they are in their cancer journey.


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