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Expert Evaluation

An immersive, on-site visit with cancer experts

The Expert Evaluation is designed as a comprehensive, on-site visit with cancer and subspecialty experts. A face-to-face meeting for a second opinion can give an employee dealing with cancer greater confidence and peace of mind. This is how Expert Evaluation works:


Employee Makes Request

After learning about a cancer diagnosis, the employee makes a request to use the on-site Expert Evaluation service.


Introductory Call & Arrangements

AccessHope arranges an initial phone call between the patient and a primary point of contact from our expert network. From there, AccessHope works with the employee to make arrangements for the on-site visit and consultation.


Patient Visits Campus

The employee is welcomed on-site for a second opinion consultation with a medical oncologist or hematologist. A dedicated patient navigator helps the patient during their stay. If deemed necessary, additional meetings also may occur during the employee’s on-site visit with subspecialists including a surgical oncologist, supportive care provider, nutritionist or others.


Report & Consultation

At the conclusion of the visit, a detailed summary is created and shared with the employee and their local oncologist during a physician-to-physician conversation.

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