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Accountable Precision Oncology

Automatic review of the most complex cancer cases

A plan member dealing with a complex cancer diagnosis is under a great deal of stress. Accountable Precision Oncology is designed to make a tumultuous situation as manageable for the employee as possible during a scary time. This is how this potentially life-saving benefit works:


Raise the Flag

When a member receives a complex-cancer diagnosis, our algorithms—in collaboration with your health plan or third-party administrator—trigger the case to be securely sent to AccessHope.


Cancer Subspecialist Assigned

AccessHope then assigns a cancer subspecialist to the case.


Expert Review

Specializing in that particular type of cancer, the subspecialist leverages leading cancer expertise to suggest recommendations associated with improved clinical outcomes, including the latest research findings and any suggested medications, tests, or clinical trials.


Clinical Collaboration

Our subspecialists offer advice to the member’s health plan that the treating oncologist can reference — without any action required by the member. The member’s community doctor continues to create and modify the treatment plan.

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