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Knowledge vs. Cancer

Fighting cancer with everything we know™

We believe that knowledge is power. And in the fight versus cancer, AccessHope deploys the latest evidence-based recommendations, research, knowledge, and insights to employees and their treating oncologists across the country, regardless of their zip code.

Body Image and Cancer Treatment

Your body image is your mental picture of how you look. Before cancer, you were used to the picture of yourself that you carried in your mind. If the illness or its treatment has affected your appearance, it’s natural to have feelings about that. In some cases, it may take time to feel comfortable in your skin again. Here’s what to expect and tips on how to cope.

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How a cancer diagnosis can impact mental health

People with cancer experience a range of emotions upon receiving their diagnosis. By offering AccessHope’s cancer-focused employee benefit, employers can connect them to the supportive services they need for their mental health.

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4 considerations for employees who qualify for clinical trials

To determine if clinical trials might be an option worth exploring, people with cancer should consider if the available trials are a fit, reconsider misconceptions, and see if they can contribute to research representing differing ages, genders, races, and ethnicities—with the guidance of their treating oncologists.

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