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Cancer Support Team

Answers to cancer questions anytime

The Cancer Support Team provides a listening ear and answers questions that arise during the cancer journey. It’s easy to use and gives an employee, family member or caregiver access to a constant stream of support along the way.

Cancer Support Team and Expert Advisory Review work together to support employees whether they’ve just been diagnosed, have already started treatment, or have previously been diagnosed with cancer.

This how Cancer Support Team works:


Employee Reaches Out

An employee or family member calls or books an appointment to address questions and concerns about their cancer situation. They are welcome to ask questions as often as they need–there is no limit to the number of uses.


Nurse Delivers Answers & Info

An experienced oncology nurse answers the caller’s questions, provides information, and offers support.


Further Assistance if Needed

Whenever possible, the nurse will connect the call to other valuable benefits offered by their employer or plan.

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