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Expert Advisory Review

Access to cancer expertise from the comfort of home

Offering Expert Advisory Review means giving employees access to renowned cancer expertise backed by our NCI partners. We provide evidence-based recommendations that can help lead to clinical and humanistic improvements to care.

Employees can request that an AccessHope medical expert reviews their case. This specialist may provide recommendations for their treatment plan based on groundbreaking insights and leading discoveries in their specific cancer to their treating oncologist, so they can stay close to home.

Here’s how it works:


Employee Makes Request

Upon a cancer diagnosis, the member makes a request to initiate an Expert Advisory Review. They can do this by calling AccessHope or booking an online appointment.



AccessHope Reviews Medical Records

When the request reaches AccessHope, one of our cancer subspecialists reviews their medical records and treatment plan.

AccessHope Sends Recommendations

Recommendations are sent from one of our cancer subspecialists in a comprehensive clinical report to the employee’s treating oncologist.

Consultation Between Physicians

The treating oncologist may then apply the recommendations as appropriate for their patient while engaging in a collegial consultation with our specialist, to deliver optimal care.

Access to Cancer Support Team

Cancer Support Team and Expert Advisory Review work together to support your employees and plan members whether they’ve just been diagnosed, have already started treatment, or have previously been diagnosed with cancer.

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