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October 27, 2021

How AccessHope is different—our expert reviews vs. other second opinions

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84% of people who have received a cancer diagnosis don’t seek a second opinion—but 10% to 62% of second opinions yield a major change in the diagnosis, treatment, or prognosis of cancer.1,2

Given these statistics, why wouldn’t a person want to get a second opinion? One reason might be that they trust their doctor, or they may even worry about offending the first doctor they see. They may also hesitate at the idea of asking the doctor's office to transfer their medical records to another practice.3

With AccessHope, your employees and their family members can stay with their local treating oncologist while accessing the renowned cancer expertise of National Cancer Institute (NCI)–Designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers. By remotely connecting with our multidisciplinary specialists, local doctors benefit from the latest knowledge on advancements in cancer testing and treatments.

Our suite of cancer support services—Cancer Support Team with Expert Advisory Review and Accountable Precision Oncology—can help local doctors optimize their patients’ treatment plan to get them on the right course of treatment for the best-possible outcomes. Our experts suggest recommendations to treatment plans ranging from slight to significant changes associated with improved clinical outcomes in up to 85% of cases.*

What makes AccessHope unique?

A 100% focus on cancer

Our employer benefit gives your employees no-cost access to expertise solely focused on cancer. With the support of a multidisciplinary team and panel of more than 300 subspecialists, your employees and their local doctors learn the most-current personalized treatments, such as clinical trials or breakthrough medications, and genetic/genomic testing and targeted therapies.

Detailed reporting with peer-to-peer communication

Unlike expert medical opinion (EMO) solutions that provide only written case reports to employees, AccessHope delivers a detailed report on each unique cancer case and all of its complexities. Our specialist then engages the local oncologist to discuss our clinical recommendations and remains available to provide follow-up consultation throughout the episode of care.

Proactive and early identification of complex cancer cases

Cancer isn’t one disease—it's now subclassified into hundreds of types, defined by site and genetic blueprint. If your employee receives a rare—or complex—cancer diagnosis, their case can be automatically and securely sent to AccessHope, so they proactively receive the subspecialized support they need for their specific type.

NCI expertise

People experience more positive outcomes at NCI-Designated Cancer Centers, yet only about 20% of cancer cases undergo treatment at one of them.4 We’re working to connect more people with the expertise of these leading institutions, regardless of their ZIP code.

A part of your benefits ecosystem

Our service integrates into your employer-sponsored benefits ecosystem to provide a positive experience for both employers and their employees. The service platform features options for your existing vendors to hand off cases to AccessHope, and call center cross-training—all to conveniently and securely enable you and your employees to access any benefit options from a single location.

Compassionate support from oncology nurses

Employees and their family members can access experienced oncology nurses to discuss appointment details, treatment information, or emotional support—whether they’ve just been diagnosed, have already started treatment, or have previously been diagnosed with cancer.

Offering the benefit to 2.3 million members through 46 employers, AccessHope deliver these far-reaching effects for people across the country:

Humanistic impacts

If applied by the treating doctor, our recommendations can help reduce risk of5:

  • Long-term complications
  • Toxicity and side effects

Clinical improvements

Our recommendations can help create:

  • Better outcomes in up to 85% of cases6,*
  • A holistic and dynamic care plan

Financial payoffs

If used by a doctor, our recommendations can results in:

  • A 3:1 book of business ROI from our Accountable Precision Oncology program
  • Fewer low-value interventions

Member satisfaction

  • Our Cancer Support Team’s Net Promoter Score is 90, compared to the healthcare industry average score of 5 to 15.


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Last updated October 27, 2021

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