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Knowledge vs. Cancer

Fighting cancer with everything we know™

We believe that knowledge is power. And in the fight versus cancer, AccessHope deploys the latest evidence-based recommendations, research, knowledge, and insights to employees and their treating oncologists across the country, regardless of their zip code.

Get to know our Medical Director Dr. Nitya Nathwani

Nitya Nathwani, M.D., joined AccessHope as a part of its Expert Oncology Team. Dr. Nathwani’s clinical and research interests center on multiple myeloma. He has been the principal investigator at City of Hope for 2 landmark clinical trials in multiple myeloma, including quadruplet induction therapy that has changed the myeloma treatment landscape, and a trial defining the role of transplant in the US.

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Get to know our Clinical Executive Director Dr. Jack West

Dr. West was running a successful practice as a top pulmonary oncologist in Seattle, Washington, when an opportunity came his way that he just couldn’t pass up. City of Hope, an organization he already respected as an innovative pioneer in cancer care, was building a new model to remotely export the latest cancer knowledge to people with cancer across the country.

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Get to know our Medical Director Dr. Debra Wong

Dr. Wong has come a long way since her days as a candy striper at the local hospital when she was in high school. She learned a lot back then, seeing firsthand how small gestures—like sitting with a person waiting for radiation therapy and bringing tea to a person recuperating from surgery—can make a big difference, and that helping people smile and hang on to hope facilitates healing.

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Get to know our Medical Director Dr. Afsaneh Barzi

Dr. Barzi is committed to helping people with cancer and their families crucially make the best decisions for themselves amid the surrounding uncertainty. In fact, she considers her ability to communicate current and future treatments and guide patients to the most personalized options for their type of cancer her strongest contributions to the cancer community.

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