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City of Hope Trends in Colorectoral Cancer Treatment

04/28/22 - Health Professional Radio

In this Health Professional Radio interview, AccessHope’s Medical Director Dr. Afsaneh Barzi shares how personalized treatments have helped improve colorectal cancer (CRC) survival rates. She also highlights AccessHope’s remote model that delivers subspecialty expertise to community oncologists to improve cancer health outcomes.

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MedPage Today interview with AccessHope Clinical Executive Director ...

04/26/22 - MedPage Today

MedPage Today recently interviewed AccessHope’s Dr. Jack West. He highlights how we continue to influence cancer cases to improve quality of life and health outcomes while striving to be as minimally intrusive as possible on the time of the participating practices. In a new partnership with third parties, we’re finding that our recommendations are being accepted and applied in the vast majority of cases.

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A wave of new cancer treatments challenges community oncologists to ...

03/18/22 - Scientific American

In Scientific American, oncology leaders with top cancer research centers discuss the rapid evolution of cancer innovation over the last decade. Learn how the influx of new information and tools is affecting community oncologists, and how Comprehensive Cancer Centers and advanced technology can help.

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NAHPC One-on-One interview with Mark Stadler

01/28/22 - National Alliance

AccessHope’s CEO Mark Stadler spoke with the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions’ President and CEO Michael Thompson One-On-One on how we democratize cancer expertise through employers and health plans. In the interview, Mark discusses that we exist to bring the knowledge of NCI-Designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers to community-based oncologists, resulting in evidence-based for up to 92% of cases.

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Modern Healthcare One-on-One interview with City of Hope CEO Robert ...

01/25/22 - Modern Healthcare

City of Hope’s President and CEO Robert Stone spoke with Modern Healthcare’s Publisher Fawn Lopez One-On-One on innovatively democratizing access to scientific discoveries. He explains that people need timely access to experts in treating their specific types of cancers—through their own doctors within the communities they seek treatment—which they can get through AccessHope.

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There’s No Growth Without Health: Employee Wellbeing Is Non-Negotiable

07/24/21 - Forbes

Our Board Chair Dr. Harlan Levine spoke with Forbes about the urgent need for employers to help employees navigate a cancer diagnosis. A one-size-fits-all benefit doesn't work for cancer care, so AccessHope was created to personalize support, he explains, by taking NCI-level expertise to patients and their local oncologists, wherever they live.

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AccessHope Joins Collective Health's Premier Partner Program

07/20/21 - Collective Health

AccessHope has joined Collective Health's Premier Partner Program™. The program helps employers navigate the complex digital landscape to easily select, integrate, and evaluate digital health partners for their 2022 benefits offering. While exploring the curated set of partners, they'll also gain deep insights on how to select the right solutions.

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Cancer Benefits and Early Detection

06/22/21 - HR Works Podcast by HR Daily Advisor

AccessHope's CEO Mark Stadler was featured on HR Daily Advisor’s HR Works podcast, where he discusses the importance of early cancer detection. During the episode, Mark dives into opportunities for employers to provide cancer-specific benefits that help enhance healthcare, patient experiences, and the value of cancer care for their employees nationwide.

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Johns Hopkins Medicine joins AccessHope to extend nationwide access to cancer expertise

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