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If you're an HR or benefits professional seeking cancer resources for your employees, or a consultant looking to provide best-in-class cancer support for your clients, share a few details below. We’ll reach out to help your company get started.

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Client resources

Nearly 2 million Americans will be
diagnosed with cancer in 20221

At AccessHope, we believe in Fighting cancer with everything we know™ by sharing our knowledge and expertise with as many people as we can across the country. Each quarter, we'll connect you to content resources on specific topics that you can keep in front of employees to offer cancer support. Include these resources on your intranet, benefits sites, digital signage, and any other relevant vehicles you use for employee communications.

Video Library

Our exclusive videos featuring our own cancer specialists and other experts highlight up-to-date research and discoveries in cancer prevention, testing, treatments, caregiving, and survivorship. By offering knowledge on various topics throughout the year, we can help support your employees and their families as they navigate a cancer journey.

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World Cancer Day 2023

Recognizing the millions of people on cancer journeys, and highlighting the special cancer benefits AccessHope offers your company's eligible employees and their families.
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The basics of colon cancer prevention

Better understand the risk factors for colon cancer and easy steps for prevention.

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Customizable Content

AccessHope offers timely, relevant resources on cancer prevention, treatment, and innovations, which you can easily customize with your company name and contact information. Feel free to use them on your websites, employee newsletters, internal social media, and digital signage, or as printed handouts.

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Putting colorectal cancer to the test

shares what people can do to prevent colorectal cancer and which screening tests they can choose from based on their preferences and needs if they suspect it

Why colon cancer is on the rise in the young

explores how and why colon cancer has been increasing in people younger than 50, urging everybody to pursue screening to detect the disease early-whatever their age

Digital Ads

Clients can use these digital ads to creatively display marketing messages. Include them on your intranet, benefits sites, internal social media channel, or employee e-newsletters to digitally engage target audiences.

Customizable Campaigns

Helping you take a creative approach to multimedia campaigns, we offer emails, animated videos, LinkedIn ads, postcards, posters, and various other resources that you can customize. Whether you'd like to create an entire campaign or use a single asset, contact AccessHope to get started.

Campaign: Navigating Cancer

Campaign: Uncomplicating Cancer

Launch and Open Enrollment Tools

These postcards, flyers, brochures, videos, and other communication assets and tools can help clients introduce AccessHope's services. Customize your tools by contacting AccessHope.