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Client Resources

More than 2 million new cases of cancer are estimated for 2024*

At AccessHope, we believe in Fighting cancer with everything we know™ by sharing our knowledge and expertise with as many people as we can across the country. Use these resources on messaging platforms, intranets, benefits sites, digital screens, emails and other channels to remind employees of the valuable benefit they have with AccessHope. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact your account manager or submit a form.

Breast Cancer

Digital Ads

AH_Breast Cancer Adlobs_600x375 Breast Cancer - Option 1
AH_Breast Cancer Adlobs_600x3752 Breast Cancer - Option 2
AH_Breast Cancer Adlobs_600x3754 Breast Cancer - Option 3
AH_Breast Cancer Adlobs_600x3753 Breast Cancer - Option 4
AH_Breast Cancer Adlobs_600x3755 Breast Cancer - Option 5
AH 2024_BreastCancer 600x375 (2)-1-1 Breast Cancer - Option 6

Infographics and Email

How to look out for and fight off breast cancer How to look out for and fight off breast cancer Customize & Download PDF
Advances in Treatment, Screening, and Awareness Good news on breast cancer Customize & Download PDF
Breast Cancer Email mock up Breast cancer email example


The basics of breast cancer screening The basics of breast cancer screening View Video

Caregiver Support

Digital Ads

230831AH_CaregivingDigitalAds5[76] Caregiver - Option 1
230831AH_CaregivingDigitalAds[28] Caregiver - Option 2
230831AH_CaregivingDigitalAds4[56] Caregiver - Option 3
230831AH_CaregivingDigitalAds6[9] Caregiver - Option 4
230831AH_CaregivingDigitalAds3[87] Caregiver - Option 5
230831AH_CaregivingDigitalAds2[4] Caregiver - Option 6

Infographics and Email

Tips for working caregivers PNG Tips for working with caregivers Customize & Download Resource
You might be a caregiver PNG You might be a caregiver Customize & Download Resource


Caregivers- balancing work and home thumbnail-1 Caregivers: balancing work and home View Video
Caregivers_ the unexpected role-thumb-2-3 Caregivers: the unexpected role View Video

Colorectal Cancer

Digital Ads

Colorectal Cancer Image 1-1-1 Colorectal Cancer - Option 1
Colorectal Cancer Image 2-1-1 Colorectal Cancer - Option 2
Colorectal Cancer Image 3-1-1 Colorectal Cancer - Option 3
AH_DIGITAL_COLORECTAL_CNCR_HORZ (1)_Page_3-2-1-1 Colorectal Cancer - Option 4

Infographics and Email

ColorectaltestFINAL Putting colorectal cancer to the test Customize & Download PDF
Email 2 Colorectal cancer awareness email example


The basics of colon cancer prevention-thumb The basics of colon cancer prevention View Video

Lung Cancer

innovations in lung cancer Innovations in lung cancer Customize & Download PDF


Dr. Julia Rotow video thumbnail-1 The importance of lung cancer screening View Video

Mental Health

Digital Ads

AH2304_MentalHealth_Adlob_600x375_V2 (1) (1) Mental Health - Option 1
AH2304_MentalHealth_Adlob_600x375_V_Page_1-1 Mental Health - Option 2

Infographics and Email

living a balanced life during cancer treatment Balancing your life during cancer treatment Customize & Download PDF
Talking to Kids About Cancer Tip Sheet PNG Talking to kids about cancer Customize & Download PDF
Coping with the emotional side of cancer PNG-1 The emotional side of cancer Customize & Download PDF
AH2304 Mental Health Email_600 Mental health e-mail example

Pets and Supportive Care

Digital Ads

pets and supportive care Pets and Support Care - Option 1
pets and supportive care Pets and Support Care - Option 2
AH2304_Pets_Adlob_600x375_V4-1 Supportive Care - Option 3

Infographics and Email

Pets and Supportive Care 1 Looking after your pet while being treated for cancer Customize & Download PDF
Pets and supportive care 2 Pets can be good companions on your cancer journey Customize & Download PDF
AH2304 Pet Support Email_600 Pets e-mail example

Preventive Screening


Cancer screening key to early detection-1 Cancer screenings: Key to early detection Customize & Download PDF
Cancer screenings in this day and age Cancer screenings in this day and age Customize & Download PDF

Prostate Cancer

Digital Ads

Prostate Cancer Image 1-1 Prostate Cancer - Option 1
Prostate Cancer Image 2-1 Prostate Cancer - Option 2
Stop in tracks (1) Prostate Cancer - Option 3

Infographics & Email

AccessHope_ProstateCancer-InfoSheet_FINAL (1)_Page_1 3 essential things to know about prostate cancer Customize & Download PDF
Email 1 Prostate cancer email example

Skin Cancer

Digital Ads

AH_Skin Cancer Adlobs_600x375 copy Skin Cancer Option - 1
AH_Skin Cancer Adlobs_600x3752 Skin Cancer Option - 2
AH_Skin Cancer Adlobs_600x3753 Skin Cancer Option - 3
AH_Skin Cancer Adlobs_600x375 Skin Cancer Option - 4
AH_Skin Cancer Adlobs_600x3755 Skin Cancer Option - 5
AH_Skin Cancer Adlobs_600x3756 Skin Cancer Option - 6
AH Sun Safety 2022 A week of tan-1 Skin Cancer Option - 7

Infographics and Email

How to find skin cancer early PNG How to find skin cancer early Customize & Download PDF
AH2304 Skin Cancer Email_600 (2) Skin cancer e-mail example


The basics of skin cancer prevention-thumb The basics of skin cancer prevention View Video

World Cancer Day

Digital Ads

231208AH_Ads_1-1 World Cancer Day - Option 1
231208AH_Ads_2 World Cancer Day - Option 2


WCD email no cards World Cancer Day Email


WCD thumbnail-1 World Cancer Day View Video

Why AccessHope

AccessHope is making cancer support more personal and effective by mobilizing the latest thinking and most advanced protocols.


Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 10.31.20 AM AccessHope supports you on your cancer journey Video View

Launch and Open Enrollment Tools

These postcards, flyers, brochures, videos, and other communication assets and tools can help clients introduce AccessHope's services. Customize your tools by contacting AccessHope.

Digital Ads

AH_PR_600x375 digital ads R1_2_Finding Help Shouldnt-1 Digital Ad - Option 1
AH_PR_600x375 digital ads R1_2_Cancer is Complicated-1 Digital Ad - Option 2
AH_PR_600x375 digital ads R1_2_Superhero-1 Digital Ad - Option 3
AH_PR_600x375 digital ads R1_2_Simple-1 Digital Ad - Option 4

Program descriptions


AH WCD Overview-1 General Overview Flyer Download Resource

Talking Points

Talking Points Talking Points Download Resource



Video open closing the cancer treatment gap Closing the cancer treatment gap Download Video
Video open cancer support that supports everyone Cancer support that supports everyone Download Video