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Knowledge vs. Cancer

Fighting cancer with everything we know™

We believe that knowledge is power. And in the fight versus cancer, AccessHope deploys the latest evidence-based recommendations, research, knowledge, and insights to employees and their treating oncologists across the country, regardless of their zip code.

Cancer Treatment: An Overview

Cancer treatment is not one-size-fits-all, and the goals of therapy may be different across individuals who require treatment. It typically involves local, systematic therapy, and precision oncology.

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What is chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is medication used to destroy cancer cells. This may cure the cancer or slow its growth. It may also ease cancer symptoms by shrinking tumors that are causing problems.

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Body image and cancer treatment

Your body image is your mental picture of how you look. Before cancer, you were used to the picture of yourself that you carried in your mind. If the illness or its treatment has affected your appearance, it’s natural to have feelings about that. In some cases, it may take time to feel comfortable in your skin again. Here’s what to expect and tips on how to cope.

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AccessHope 2022 in Review

AccessHope is an essential benefit for members and their families when they are facing the fight of their lives. We remotely deploy the latest cancer care knowledge from subspecialists at NCI-Designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers across the country to help people who need it most — no matter where they live. Here's a high-level view of our impact and reach for the year.

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Employee benefit trends

In 2023 and the future, employers are providing their employees with more flexible and personalized benefit options. These options are addressing mental, emotional, and financial health while offering personalized support such as cancer-focused services for those who have received a diagnosis.

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The importance of diversity in clinical trials

A troubling gap exists between cancer treatment and cancer outcomes. The contributing factors to cancer are complex, such as genetics, differences in access to quality care, and a lack of medical research across diverse study subjects.

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Johns Hopkins Medicine joins AccessHope to extend nationwide access to cancer expertise

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