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World Cancer Day 2023

Recognizing the millions of people on cancer journeys, and highlighting the special cancer benefits AccessHope offers your company's eligible employees and their families.
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The basics of colon cancer prevention

Better understand the risk factors for colon cancer and easy steps for prevention.

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The basics of breast cancer screening

Better understand the risk factors for breast cancer and steps for prevention.
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The basics of skin cancer prevention

Better understand the risk factors for skin cancer and easy steps for prevention.
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Caregivers: Balancing work and home

encourages support for caregivers who also work other full- or part-time jobs for their valuable contributions in both roles this National Family Caregivers Month

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Caregivers: The unexpected role

recognizes the incredible, often-unseen effort that caregivers make for their loved ones

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Closing the cancer treatment gap

This "Close the gap" overview for members video explains how AccessHope closes the gap between a cancer diagnosis and access to the latest advancements, testing, and treatments.

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Access to the best cancer support

This "Best cancer support anywhere" overview for members video shares how members can get the best cancer support, no matter where they are, through a revolutionary new employee benefit.

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Todd M. Sachs, MD

Innovations in Cancer Treatment

explores the current state of cancer treatments and rapidly evolving advancements through an easy-to-follow educational video on emerging cancer treatments, precision medicine, targeted therapies such as immunotherapy and hormone therapy, and AccessHope's work to offer equal access to the deepest oncology expertise across the country.

New Treatment Advancements in Lung Cancer

Dr. Jack West on recent lung cancer treatment innovations.

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The Importance of Lung Cancer Screening

 Dr. Julia Rotow on recommended lung cancer screenings.

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Dr. Debra Wong

Early Detection Is Key: Unlocking Access to Facts on Cancer Screenings

Presented by AccessHope's Medical Director Dr. Debra Wong, learn why and how to routinely get screened for cancer to detect the disease and purse treatment early while it's small and before it has spread, for the best-possible outcomes.