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Tackling a Case of Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia

John was diagnosed with CML 14 years ago. He was doing well with his current therapy, but since his cancer was among the 20% of most complex cases, and his employer provided AccessHope’s Accountable Precision Oncology benefit, the AccessHope experts automatically reviewed his case.

The AccessHope experts evaluated John’s current treatment plan. They recommended that John continue his current treatment without adding a second agent. They also shared details of a recent study pertinent to John’s case and offered recommendations for long-term management as well as next treatments. 

For John, this was all welcomed news. Not only is his prognosis favorable, the expert review also helped avoid adding a second agent and the associated cost. AccessHope also offered longitudinal expert access and support to John’s treating oncologist into the future.

UT Southwestern Medical Center Partners with AccessHope to extend nationwide access to cancer expertise 

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