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May 25, 2023

Cancer screenings: Key to early detection

In Cancer Screening

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More and more Americans are surviving cancer. This is partly due to early detection of the disease.
Screening tests are used to identify cancer before it causes any symptoms. Usually, the sooner cancer is found, the better the chance it can be treated before it has spread. This often means that treatment will be more successful. 

Get started with screenings

A physical examination by a healthcare provider can be part of a screening test. An X-ray, laboratory test, or genetic test can also be done. In many cases, a mix of methods—such as clinical breast exam and mammography—is best. 

Which cancer screenings should you have and when? Your provider can answer those questions based on your age, medical history, your family health history, and other risk factors you may have. 

The bottom line is that early detection of cancer can save many lives. And a key piece of early detection is the use of screening tests. 

Common cancer screenings

The following are the American Cancer Society’s screening recommendations for certain cancers. Other organizations may have varying guidelines. Talk with your provider to determine the screening schedule and frequency that is best for you. Depending on your personal risk factors and medical history, you may start screening earlier.

AH-2023-Cancer-Screening-Infographic-5.25.23 (1)