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Assisting in a Demanding Fight Against Breast Cancer

Jen’s story began like many others: she felt a lump in her breast. Upon an initial workup and confirmation of a breast cancer diagnosis, Jen underwent a partial mastectomy and began chemotherapy. She thought an additional immunotherapy agent would be helpful, but knowing her employer provided Expert Advisory Review through AccessHope, she decided to let the cancer experts do what they do best.

AccessHope’s experts reviewed and agreed with Jen’s overall plan. They supported chemotherapy after her surgery, and they favored radiation therapy once chemotherapy was complete. Also, the experts did not favor immunotherapy for Jen, given the specifics of her case. However, they did provide Jen’s treating oncologist with information on a clinical trial vaccine combined with chemo in early stage triple negative breast cancer.

After extensive discussion, Jen’s treating oncologist strongly agreed with AccessHope’s expert recommendations and found the collaboration to be very helpful in shaping treatment. Jen also decided to not pursue immunotherapy which helped her avoid its potential toxicities and side effects. Now, after an expert review of her case, along with the clinical trial option, Jen has a greater understanding of her management options.

UT Southwestern Medical Center Partners with AccessHope to extend nationwide access to cancer expertise 

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